Monday, January 14, 2013

Soundscapes for street safety

I just finished the latest edits to the upcoming CPTED Perspective newsletter and there is a fantastic UK article about soundscapes to prevent crime. How creative!

Whenever I hear theories about defensible space I am struck by how shackled we are to obsolete design doctrines. Activating public spaces need not be doctrinaire. Yet everywhere we act otherwise; we treat setbacks like they were written in stone and we keep homeless off park benches with dividers. We light streets up like stadiums and we argue over parallel parking spots, yet provide zero for bicycles.

Creative design means none of those things. Creativity has a quality all its own.  Creative design has made appearances in this blog. Consider intersection art,  parking lots, tech gizmos, and laneways.

The Montreal swings in the video above are another great example.

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