Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Guerilla classrooms and bubble wrap

Guerilla classrooms for kids on a public bus

Seizing on the creativity buzz from last blog, I got stoked about some creative outdoor spaces worth applauding. One is the guerilla classrooms in Milwaukee shown in the video above.

My favorite is the low-tech bubble wrap experiment underway in Milan, Italy to bring fun to transit stops. If you're wondering how that is creative, think; Have you ever known anyone who could resist popping bubble wrap?

Bubblewrap as transit stop de-stressers in Milan - photo Fra Biancoshock
Waitin' and Chillin' in Milan - photo by Fra Biancoshock

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Tod Schneider said...

Outstanding examples of positive public space! When I show people examples of conventional security measures they may be pleased, but when I show them your examples their eyes light up.

GSaville said...

Yes, Tod, exactly right. It triggers the emotional, not just the logical. That's the power of 2nd Generation CPTED (of which these are examples). A CPTED trainer once told me students ask for 1st Generation CPTED training, not 2nd Generation.

That's because they don't know what you don't know. It is unreasonable to expect people to ask for something they've never seen...that's why they are oblivious to its crime prevention power. That's why they ask for fences and CCTV cameras.

There is a better way and we need to be able to show them.

Thanks for the comment.

devidmiller5060 said...

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