Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fun theory

Bottle Bank Fun

After some serious blogs of late, I thought I'd lighten up a bit. A thought occurs: How do we make the street fun?

One of my favorite answers is fun theory. It's an interesting program by Volkswagen. I've highlighted some of their innovative urban designs last year such as the piano stairway and the deepest garbage bin in the world. This is a fantastic fun way to get people to engage.

The Bottle Bank Arcade is their latest offering.

Check it out.

Watch the Bottle Bank Arcade

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Tod Schneider said...

The fun theory folks are brilliant! I'd like to see a mechanism to bring their inventions to many communities as norms rather than novelties. Maybe they need a traveling show.

Gregory Saville said...

I couldn't agree more Tod. They have come upon a great idea. They also award the winners a prize each year. Celebrating success rather than obsessing on failure - that's the way forward.

Thanks for the comment.

Mark said...

Better than laws or taxes! Fun is the way to make things happen.