Thursday, February 11, 2010

Safe homes for prospective residents

In creating safer places we often talk programs, policies and projects. We fund this initiative or that in the belief it makes a difference and reduces crime. Sometimes it does. Sometimes it doesn't. Ever the search for the right combination.

Some of the time safe places emerge from the preventive actions of everyday people. Maybe most of the time. That means everyday people need to feel compelled to work together and to help others do that. And that means they need to know what to do.

This week journalist Karen Aho of MSN Real Estate helps those folks. Her story, written for people looking to purchase homes, is called: How To Find A Safe Neighborhood. Karen starts: "It’s one of the first things buyers ask and something real-estate agents can’t answer: Is the neighborhood safe? OK – so how, exactly, do you do that?"

Karen interviewed me for this story and I was impressed with the quality of her questions and her research skills.

Check it out.

click here for MSN Real Estate article

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