Thursday, May 28, 2009

Less law, more order

Waller's Less Law, More Order

Have just finished reading criminologist Irvin Waller's recent book: Less Law, More Order: The Truth About Reducing Crime.

It completely aligns with SafeGrowth, especially chapter 7. Here is a summary from the publishers website:

"Each year 24 million Americans are victims of crime. U.S. taxpayers spend more and more each year on police, prisons and judges--a record $200 billion at last count. They incarcerate more and more persons each year--two million plus. Yet prestigious commissions show not only that this standard way of responding to crime is ineffective but that there is scientific proof that many projects that tackle risk factors that cause crime are effective. 
Rather than sending more people to jail or hiring more and more police, the author, and the research, shows that addressing problems in the community does more to prevent crime."

Read it.

Irvin Waller's website